A Message
from Our CEO

Perspective Statement

Six years ago, we launched our first sustainability report as an avenue to more formally communicate our commitment to environmental stewardship, our pride in our global workforce and our desire to be a good corporate citizen to the communities where we work and live.

Since then, there have been some important changes to our business and our approach to sustainability that you will find reflected in this report:

  • In 2016, we announced a five-year strategy to further reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We felt making this commitment was an important step in our sustainability journey and we are extremely proud of the progress we have made.
  • Our product portfolio has expanded to include glass bottle manufacturing for the Mexican beverage industry with the acquisition of EMPAQUE, which was completed in 2015. EMPAQUE also produces aluminum beverage cans and ends as well as metal closures and crowns. This strategic acquisition has allowed us to increase our presence in the growing Mexican market and significantly strengthened our global beverage packaging business. This report is the first time we have reported sustainability data on a substrate other than metal.
  • We began participating in CDP’s climate change program in 2016 to further increase transparency with customers and other important stakeholders. Our submissions for the 2015 and 2016 calendar years have received high rankings, placing us in the “Leadership” tier.

However, even with all of these changes, the foundation of our sustainability story has not wavered. We continue to operate with a relentless focus on safety, innovation and efficiency – both in our manufacturing processes and our use of resources. That discipline has enabled us to reduce our overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, even as demand for metal packaging has continued to increase and we have grown our global footprint to best support our regional and international customers.

Our primary product – metal packaging – truly embodies sustainability. Made from permanent materials, defined as materials whose inherent properties do not change during use and despite repeated recycling into new products, metal packaging is the perfect example of a circular economy at work. Once metal enters the material-to-material loop, it will always be available for future generations. It is this process that enables the beverage can you drink from today to return to the shelf as another beverage can in as little as 60 days.

Our primary product – metal packaging – truly embodies sustainability. Made from permanent materials … metal packaging is the perfect example of a circular economy at work.

Along with their unbeatable recycling attributes, cans help minimize food waste, a critical aspect of sustainability, by protecting goods from light and oxygen. Cans also provide the longest shelf life of any package.

We continue to be proud of our progress across all three dimensions of sustainability, and once again must thank our global workforce for their contributions. They are the backbone of Crown and work hard to deliver continuous improvement and help raise our performance standards to the highest level in every area. Our biennial Chairman’s Sustainability Awards program recognizes several of these efforts, but many more go on every day in our facilities around the world.

That spirit of continuous improvement has carried through to the development of this report, which uses the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 guidelines, and is presented as an all-digital experience – both firsts for Crown. We are excited about where our sustainability journey will take us next and look forward to sharing updates with you along the way.

Timothy J. Donahue
President and Chief Executive Officer
Crown Holdings, Inc.