Product Quality,
Food Safety and Stewardship

Commitment to Excellence

Our customers, and our customers’ customers, demand products that are high in quality, safe and sustainable – and so do we.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction starts with how we make our products. Three unwavering principles – safety, quality and efficiency – serve as the backbone of our integrated, global approach to manufacturing. This rigorous, structured plan is centered on a goal of continuously improving the cost-effectiveness and performance of all of our products and processes, as well as focusing on innovation. By integrating systems that increase the effectiveness of our people, ideas, processes and suppliers, we strive to minimize defects, complaints and impact on the environment.

What we make also helps us meet these important demands from customers and consumers. Metal packaging as a format has many inherent characteristics that make it a natural choice for a variety of food and beverage products:

  • Has an unprecedented food safety record due to the high temperatures of retort cooking, which effectively sterilizes the food in cans. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, there has not been an incident of food-borne illness resulting from a failure of metal packaging in more than 40 years.
  • Protects product freshness, flavor and quality better than other packaging formats by blocking the ingress of light, air and humidity. These barrier properties also enhance shelf life.
  • Delivers nutrition that is on par – if not better than – fresh and frozen products. Canning facilities are strategically located near farms so that fruit and vegetables are canned within hours of being picked – the time when they are at their freshest – to preserve their nutritional content. The food is then cooked in the can to destroy bacteria, leaving a low oxygen environment that maintains the same amount of vitamins and nutrients from the day the food was canned – without the need for any chemical preservatives – for the can’s entire shelf life.
  • Performs well during the entire product lifecycle (e.g. impact resistant, puncture resistant, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressure).
  • Maximizes supply chain efficiencies thanks to light weight, stackability and high filling speeds.
  • Eliminates the need for freezing or refrigeration, reducing energy costs during storage and transportation.

From day one, we aim to form collaborative relationships with our customers by offering ourselves as a resource that is equipped to provide a wide range of valuable assistance, from technical support and troubleshooting to ongoing consultation. 

Proactive Customer Support

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond simply providing a product. Instead, from day one, we aim to form collaborative relationships with our customers by offering ourselves as a resource that is equipped to provide a wide range of valuable assistance, from technical support and troubleshooting to ongoing consultation. For example:

  • Double seaming is a critical step in the canning process, creating an airtight seal that helps to preserve product freshness and prevent degradation. Our Integra™ intelligent double seaming system helps food and beverage fillers monitor the integrity and quality of seams in real time and facilitates the efficient production of fault-free, quality packaged products.

    The Integra™ system combines software, hardware and an expert system and is installed on fillers’ lines to measure double seam quality on all types of metal cans filled and seamed on rotary seamers, helping to minimize risk and reduce line downtime. The advanced monitoring system simultaneously identifies deviations from standard seaming conditions and rejects defective products that may hinder the production process for an overall streamlined process. The system also monitors machine trends over time, providing reports that indicate when preventive maintenance is needed to avoid future issues and potentially expensive product recalls.

    The monitoring system is designed to benefit food and beverage fillers alike. For food and beverage brands, the system improves operational efficiency, reduces waste and improves overall product quality. Integra™ also provides an additional level of on-site security as it helps to prevent the potentially damaging consequences of seaming errors occurring at the extremely high speeds typically found in beverage canning facilities.
  • We also conduct regular hygiene audits at our customers’ facilities to identify and correct potential hazards and liabilities. Our experienced microbiologists and hygiene specialists visit customers to provide guidance on a range of topics to improve the cleanliness of their operations, including building fabric, working methods and cleaning schedules. The audits include lab analysis and checks of cleaning, sanitization and water disinfectant protocols and their efficiency. These visits result in an overall microbiological survey of the process to identify potential hazard points and leave the customer with best practice recommendations and a clear plan for improvements.

Marketing Communications Compliance

Crown knows of no incidents of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, advertising, promotions or sponsorships.

Supporting Our Industry

Crown supports a number of industry programs designed to communicate the sustainability credentials of metal packaging in general and help consumers understand the nutritional value of canned food. For example:

  • Crown Food Europe and Princes, one of the U.K.’s leading food and beverage brands, have teamed up to educate the country’s consumers about the unique advantages of canned food, including convenience, value for money, nutritional benefits and sustainability. The campaign, called Love Canned Food, also aims to dispel misconceptions that many consumers have about the quality and taste of canned foods.
  • Younger consumers are a key audience for the campaign, inspiring its presence on Instagram and YouTube, where they can share photos of recipes made using canned food and access video tutorials. The multi-channel campaign also features contributions from several ambassadors including blogger, author and finalist on Britain’s biggest baking TV show, Holly Bell, and respected dietitian Azmina Govindji.

    The canned food industry is worth £2.2 billion to U.K. retailers, with 1.24 million kilograms of canned goods purchased by the country’s consumers each year. This initiative seeks to educate shoppers and support the canned category, enabling both Crown and Princes to further demonstrate that the food can is a high quality, convenient and 100% recyclable packaging format with a strong future.
  • Crown was among the first packaging companies to adopt a symbol launched by Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) to communicate the value of recycling. The Metal Recycles Forever™ mark can be used on packaging and promotional materials to encourage recycling and inform consumers about the inherent recyclability of metal packaging.
  • Crown is a founding member of Every Can Counts, a European industry initiative to encourage consumers to recycle beverage cans used outside the home. The program is a unique partnership between beverage can manufacturers, reprocessors and brand owners.
  • In 2015 and 2016, we supported Cans Get You Cooking®, a multi-year program in the U.S. with the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) and several of its members. This fully integrated campaign was designed to showcase the many benefits of cooking with canned food and demonstrate the variety of ways consumers can count on it to help them prepare delicious and nutritious meals.