Collaboration at Work

Crown regularly engages with a variety of stakeholders on the global and local levels to exchange ideas, enhance the way we do business and deliver the most value. Our stakeholders include current and prospective customers, employees, the communities in which we work and live, shareholders and analysts, creditors, suppliers, government and regulatory authorities, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and trade associations.

We engage stakeholders that have a considerable impact on our business and in communities where we have operations. Our primary goal is to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with each group.

Summary of Key Stakeholder Interests

  • Customer Engagement

    Our Business Units are in constant communication with customers regarding product performance, service and future needs. The Business Units periodically conduct internal and third-party surveys of customer satisfaction and best practice improvements to assure that we are meeting their current needs and are well-positioned to help them meet future market requirements.

    Based on our Materiality Assessment, the top ten areas of interest for our customers are:

    1. Transparency
    2. Food safety
    3. Employee health and safety
    4. Product quality, safety and stewardship
    5. Business ethics
    6. Compliance (regulatory and legal)
    7. Consumer health and safety
    8. Supply chain labor conditions (e.g. human rights, labor conditions, child labor)
    9. Responsible sourcing/traceability
    10. Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement

    Our global workforce is the engine that propels our business forward and allows us to deliver the innovation, quality, service and support that our customers have come to expect from Crown.

    We place a high priority on making Crown a rewarding and enjoyable place to work. Our Elements of Engagement program, a three-day course covering the vital aspects of effective leadership communication and employee engagement, has been rolled out for plant managers and above across the European Division.

    In addition, we periodically solicit feedback and insight from employees in our different geographies through focus groups, surveys and other similar activities. For example, in Europe, we have recently introduced a tool to measure employee fulfillment, which includes offering tips to enhance well-being on a regular basis. In addition, in our facilities around the world, we host team-building events, recognize employees for anniversaries and performance, run a scholarship program for the children of employees and more. We also encourage our employees to give back to the communities where they work and live, including supporting local food banks, running winter coat drives and donating to disaster relief efforts.

    For many people, a rewarding career means having opportunities to learn and grow. To help employees reach their highest potential, we offer a variety of skills management programs and lifelong learning opportunities that benefit both the individual employee and the Company as a whole. We provide a mix of mandatory and voluntary training programs that take place in a classroom, online, on the job or in partnership with academic institutions. The main goal, no matter the format or the location, is to give our employees the tools they need to be successful.

    Based on our Materiality Assessment, the top ten areas of interest for our employees are:

    1. Employee health and safety
    2. Customer satisfaction
    3. Food safety
    4. Consumer health and safety
    5. Product quality, safety and stewardship
    6. Compliance (legal and regulatory)
    7. Employee engagement
    8. Business ethics
    9. Supply chain labor conditions (e.g. human rights, labor conditions, child labor)
    10. Alignment with customers on sustainability/customer partnerships and dialogue

The Workforce of Tomorrow

We know that we need to keep attracting people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to keep growing and innovating. To achieve this goal, we provide multiple apprenticeship programs, often in partnership with vocational schools, colleges and universities. Programs typically focus on electrical/mechanical engineering, toolmaking or general vocational skills.

  • We are planning for the future with our FORWARD initiative. This multi-cultural, cross-functional program is designed to train qualified engineers for operational leadership positions within Crown in the future. Participants are given at least three assignments in at least two countries over a 24 to 36 month period and are exposed to at least two operations departments including continuous improvement, quality, manufacturing and engineering. The third program cycle will begin in Spring 2018.
  • Our V.I.E. (Volunteer for International Experience) program, also known as the French International Postgraduate Internship Program, has brought hundreds of apprentices into the Company. The program offers young professionals between the ages of 18 and 28 a rewarding professional experience and serves as a springboard for an international career. Many of our recruits have stayed beyond their apprenticeships and grown within Crown.
  • Apprentices from our CMB Engineering subsidiary won the gold medal at the 2016 UK Skills competition in the Manufacturing Team Challenge. The competition focused on three core skills (electrical, machining and fabrication/hand fitting) and included a surprise project, a main project and a five-minute time trial. The CMB Engineering team’s overall score bested the second-place team by a 15% margin.

    The CMB Apprenticeship scheme is a well-developed highly skilled apprenticeship program for young aspiring engineers based at its Shipley headquarters. Many of these apprentices go on to managerial roles within the business.
  • Supplier Engagement

    We proactively identify new technologies from our suppliers that advance sustainability and improve our performance. In 2015 and 2016, Crown held “Supplier Innovation Days,” inviting a significant number of our strategic suppliers to bring new ideas to Crown.

    Beyond these special events, Crown works closely with suppliers to collaborate on ways to reduce costs and improve the quality of our products. This ranges from working with metal suppliers to modify their materials in ways that allow us to lightweight our containers while maintaining performance to working with coating suppliers to develop alternate materials with lower costs and/or improved properties. This “Open Innovation” model recognizes that our ideas and accomplishments can be amplified by partnering with our supplier community.

    We also develop partnerships with third parties that may facilitate the development of new products and new manufacturing processes, such as the use of robotics and lasers in manufacturing, the exploration of new curing technologies, and advances in computer modeling of container manufacturing and performance.

    Based on our Materiality Assessment, the top ten areas of interest for our suppliers are:

    1. Food safety
    2. Employee health and safety
    3. Product quality, safety and stewardship
    4. Compliance (legal and regulatory)
    5. Consumer health and safety
    6. Supply chain labor conditions (e.g. human rights, labor conditions, child labor)
    7. Responsible sourcing/traceability
    8. Business ethics
    9. Innovation
    10. Customer satisfaction

Progress through Partnerships

Crown is an active member of many organizations and associations on the global, national, regional and local levels, lending greater strength to common sustainability issues like recyclability, food waste and resource scarcity. A list of the organizations we engage with can be found on our Corporate website .